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A Program of

Camaraderie in CHAOS

Wha We Do


We understand. The holidays away from family or without a loved one are tough.


Six years. Dozens of families helped. Countless volunteers. Hundreds of handmade items. 

One innovative program to improve the quality of life for military families and connect them to resources and support systems.


Dec' the Deployment® and our team of elves are here to help! We're ensuring military families feel the spirit of the holidays when they're unable to be with family or are going through an adverse deployment and missing a loved one.

As a team of spouses and service members, we want you to feel supported - because we know how it feels to go through hardships like these. 


If it's not easy - mentally or physically - to pull your decor out of storage this year, or, you're struggling to purchase items to make your home feel like the holidays... we may be able to help!

Please fill out this form, to see if we can help you Dec' the Deployment® this year.


Selected military families will be visited by the Dec' the Deployment® elves in November or December to create a holiday wonderland at their homes. Our programs are completely free of charge to selected troops and families. 

Our Work
Christmas Lights on Trees

and spirits!





Whether you're starting from scratch or already have some decorations, we'll collaborate to fuse one or more of these styles into your vibe. We're all about DIY and up-cycling to create a unique and personalized experience.

Boho Ho Ho

This holiday season, wake up to warm, cozy colors that evoke a boho-inspired home.  Dreaming in peaceful earthy tones and an eclectic mix of all things you love, we will curate a personalized home where boho is the jam.  With different options to create beautiful handmade ornaments and wreaths fusing rustic, boho or farmhouse style into the mix, you’ll create one BoHo Ho Ho home that is sure to be memorable and serene. We can smell the dried oranges and sage cooking for this theme already.

Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 12.21.14
I Miss My Gnomie(s)

Whether it's your spouse or your family, we get how it feels to miss your homies... or in this case, gnomies! Walking in a whimsical wonderland with a magical gumdrop forest will bring you Christmas cheer as you fondly think of your loved ones and the next time you get to see them! Your family (or your Homefront studio family) will create a ‘gnome of a kind holiday’ with items you would find on a woodland adventure in this fairytale theme. Imagine a forest of enchantment with mushrooms, gnomes and rustic elements that jive with folk art energies for this holiday experience.

Twinkle Tinsel Little Star

With the shine of tinsel and glistening snowflakes, you will be singing “Let it Snow” while admiring the celestial sky or looking at twinkling lights out of your frosty window. In this theme, you may find clay stars in a handmade astrology wonderland of origami art that will adorn your home and make it sparkle like a winter wonderland. Picture a shooting star brimming with wishes amidst all the shining lights of hope in this celestial wonder. Our Twinkle Tinsel Little Star will be a boho, retro energy of natural tones mixed with metallics and a sprinkle of rustic home styled goodness.

Happy Houseplant Holiday

We wish you a ‘Happy Houseplant Holiday!" Inspired by bold colors, a boost in creativity and the natural beauty found from bringing the outdoors in, the cheerful bright energy of jolly houseplants radiates in this holiday vibe.  You may find a splash of neon lighting, handmade paper flowers and punch art floral ornaments that come to life, filling your room with joy in this theme. If you are dreaming of the colorful spirit of the season or looking for a boost in mental energy, then this is the holiday home style for you! Plants have been proven to help reduce stress levels and enhance wellbeing with increased mood and productivity levels. Our Happy Houseplant Holiday will be a folksy nontraditional creative energy mixing real and fake plant vibes together to energize all the festive feels.

Cozy Gingerbread Cottage
Jolly Bells and Pretty Pastels

Experience the feeling of relaxing in a cozy cottage, sipping on hot chocolate while gingerbread cookies bake in the oven. The warmth that comes from the heart of this theme will come to life so much so, you can smell the cinnamon sticks and ginger baking! This holiday home style is Gingerbread spice and everything nice mixed with the magic of up-cycled handmade decorations in ways you have to see to believe. A bit boho, a bit grandma's house and a whole lot of cottage comfort can be found in this vibe.

Dreaming of watching a holiday baking special filled with pastel candies and all the sweet treats to melt your heart and soul?  This holiday style we are creating is for you! Plumped up with blush colors, rich velvety sweet treats and frosty nutcrackers, this magical dusting of cottage comfort meets modern aesthetic is sure to give you a sense of a magical holiday and a modern feel of a beautiful, cozy, 'home sweet home.'

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