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By checking this box I understand that I am not in any way guaranteed that the person I am nominating will receive a service, or be notified by Camaraderie in CHAOS. I understand that Camaraderie in CHAOS is not a part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and has no governmental status. I understand that the home furnishings or decorations I am requesting will likely be up-cycled, refurbished pieces. I agree that the information provided in this form will become property of Camaraderie in CHAOS and that the nominating story I am submitting through this form will be shared with the Camaraderie in CHAOS team and may be published at the discretion of Camaraderie in CHAOS and its staff. I understand that as the nominator of this form that I may be called with additional questions by the Camaraderie in CHAOS team. All future recipients of projects will be asked to sign a disclosure agreement and photo release form prior to receiving any pieces or services from Camaraderie in CHAOS.

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